About the Book



     The Spirit Within contains true stories of wonder and courage, tragedies and humor from a variety of personal lifetime experiences and encounters. As an inspirational speaker across the United States, Paul was equally effective whether speaking in front of a small group of 10 or assemblies of thousands.  His humble roots of growing up in a family of ten allowed him to connect to the Spirit within those whose lives existed sometimes from moment to moment. A tragic life changing incident, as a freshman in college, temporarily, took his desire away to pursue a career as a professional hockey player, along with the connection to his own Spirit within. Substituted in its place became his credo of creating a memory which led to an urban legend or two.  During this time, unbeknown to him, his close relationships with a few black friends prepared him further for his future as an inspirational speaker. Whether it was an all black school in the ghetto’s of Louisiana or a Native American reservation in North Dakota his success was in his ability to reach into the hearts, minds and spirits of young and old alike to promote a message of hope where despair was a daily way of life.

     His perception as a “Yankee Nawthenna” speaking on the dangers of drinking and driving was not always greeted with open arms, especially in the rural south.

His career as a professional athlete prepared him for an occasional confrontation, alone behind closed doors with Principals, and those in authority including law enforcement officials. During dramatic situations the author demonstrates that the Spirit within can be called upon to provide unerring guidance when the odds are heavily against us.  The main theme of The Spirit Within is to demonstrate through real stories, at times far beyond coincidence, that our true self is the Spirit within us all.

     For those whose faith means, “Seeing is believing,” the latest scientific evidence will demonstrate the existence of a universal consciousness, which is another way of describing God or Source.  This proof will add further clarity to assist you in making the connection to your own Spirit within.

     The author states, “We are undeniably Gods creation connected to one another and all things, but it is you who must determine this for yourself. My truth is just that, my truth. I do not make any attempts throughout the book, nor would I try, to convince you that my truth is an absolute truth. It is my desire to present to you, in most cases, verifiable and factual information throughout the book which only you can determine for yourself whether or not we are human beings having an occasional spiritual experience or Spiritual Beings choosing to have a human experience.