Here you'll find answers to the most common questions about my book.

  1. What inspired me to write this book? The inspiration came from that place, Within all of us, where we are connected to the Life Force which emanates from God/Source.


  1. Book summary in one to three sentences. The Spirit Within is a treasure map that will illuminate a path for the reader to travel on an inner journey of spiritual self discovery.  Learning how to connect with your Inner Being/Soul or True self will empower all who read it, a treasure far beyond any riches.  Depending on your desire and focus, you will have the knowledge to change your life in any way you choose.


  1. Overall theme of "The Spirit Within,"?  Through, Free Will, we co-create our moment by moment experiences whether we are consciously aware of it or not. 


  1. Where does the book take place?  Most would answer that the stories take place in some of the richest and poorest cities, towns and schools across the United States.  From Maine to California, North Dakota and Texas and many areas in between.  In all actuality the story really takes place inside each and every one of us where we are connected to God, each other and All things.


  1. Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story?  The stories encompass a variety of people, of all ages and all walks of life.  Even though you may recognize a few famous names, the majority of characters are everyday people.  Their lessons and stories of inspiration will take you from tears of joy and sadness to what witnesses stated bordered on the miraculous.


  1. Why do you I think that this book will appeal to readers?  It will awaken or evoke feelings in the reader which will resonate beyond words.  It will shed much needed light on many repetitively conditioned habits of thought which exist as flawed premises.  The readers may even come to remember who they were before they were born, and who they will return to, after they die.  Spiritual Beings, choosing to have a human experience.  It will raise the level of “spiritual awareness,” for any and all readers in a humorous and dramatic fashion.  It will enhance the belief in a “Higher Power.".  IT TRANSCENDS ALL FAITHS, ETHNICITIES AND CULTURES.



  1. How is my book relevant in today’s society?  It will be extremely relevant in the, new ever expanding area of Spiritual philosophy, the true purpose and meaning of life. The “Truth” is not outside of us, IT is within us, and you can only know IT, when you feel IT, not because I or someone else told you so. It seems as though God is becoming less relevant in today’s society; His name is being phased out in many schools, through the separation of church and state.  Many churches continue to close since the exposure of the scandals which have been perpetuated for a long period of time.  The new generation and many of the older generation have become disillusioned over the failure of the religious hierarchy to provide a more personal relationship between themselves and God.  The teachings, handed down from so long ago do not appear to be as relevant in today’s modern, fast paced society. They just do not provide a language to which the current generations can relate or connect.  The Spirit Within, through the use of all true stories and the most current available data in physics and metaphysics will provide a much needed breath of fresh air. 


  1. What makes my book different from other books like it?  The stories are real, and a variety of evidence will be used to demonstrate we are “Spiritual Beings” choosing to have a human experience.  Most people’s lives are focused on day to day living and survival.  Many people have been repetitively conditioned to believe that what they have been told, all through life, is the “absolute truth,” whether it’s religion or politics etc..  Most people’s perception of themselves is through the eyes of others.  The Spirit Within will empower the reader to see that what they have been repetitively conditioned to believe as the “absolute truth,” just may not be all there is to the real truth.



  1. What do I want readers to take away from my writing?  That God exists within them not outside of them.  That by becoming consciously aware to this truth their lives or circumstances can be changed through a focused desire.  That all things are made out of “energy,” or the Life Force which is just another term for the pure positive love from which all things are created.  When we begin to recognize how our thoughts create our reality, we empower ourselves to choose more positive type thoughts instead of repetitively conditioned negative beliefs handed down from generation to generation.                                                                                                                                       
  2. How did I learn about this topic? (i.e. personal experience, education, etc.) I learned about the topic by asking, God/Source, a long time ago, to guide me in such a way that I will come to know the truth of who I am and why I am here.  During that time I slowly became more consciously aware within; I was guided over the years to many different books, people and experiences which have led to me where I am today. This is simply my story, just one among the many that have been written since the beginning of time along with those yet to unfold.  I am neither a prophet nor a seer, nor do I wish to be considered one.  I only wish to inspire further your own innate connection with God/Source, as others have done and continue to do with me.