The Spirit Within is a treasure map that will illuminate a path for the reader to travel on an inner journey of spiritual self-discovery. It is not our physical self that was created in the image and likeness of God but our Soul or Spirit Within. Learning how to connect with your Spirit Within or True Self is a treasure far beyond any riches you could ever imagine. Get quiet, focus within, and ask yourself. Is this book for me? You will know the answer from a subtle feeling or knowing within you. Whether you choose to read on or not as long as you are heeding the advice or your own Spirit Within, you can never lose your way. True intuition is a brief, consciously aware, connection with God through your Spirit Within. IT is never wrong. True Inspiration is the consciously aware ability to access and maintain this same connection at deeper levels and for longer periods of time. Great Masters of all disciplines demonstrate this connection at the highest of levels. Anyone who performs at a much higher level than their peers, have a deeper or stronger level connection Within compared to those below them. There are many levels and durations of this connection, some are stronger or deeper than others. Occasionally someone will display a once in a lifetime feat or performance never to be duplicated by them again. Everyone has this innate ability within themselves. When someone learns how to access this connection at deeper levels miracles can and DO happen. Each and every one of us can consciously learn how to develop and use this God force because we are eternally connected to IT.

     As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paul Pacific relays all-true, dramatic encounters and profound moments, from tears of joy and sadness to circumstances which witnesses stated bordered on the miraculous. From a variety of personal stories, the latest scientific evidence, and a host of other well documented areas, the author explains how and why, we are Spiritual Beings choosing to have a human being experience. Paul also presents simple and practical guidelines on how to personally and consciously connect to your own “Spirit Within."