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New Book Explains How we Co-Create our Life 

Author Paul Pacific sheds light on the spiritual power in everyone

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.  -- In his new book The Spirit Within:  How We Are Connected to God Each Other and All Things (published by Balboa Press), Paul Pacific demonstrates and explains, through real stories how our thoughts and beliefs, over time, manifest themselves into reality.

The Spirit Within is, as Pacific explains, a treasure map to guide readers along a path of spiritual self discovery.  Pacific wants to help readers connect with what he calls their Inner Being, or True Self.  You will come to discover the real truth not because, he, or someone else says so, but because, you are connected to IT.

“Depending on your desire and focus,” says Pacific, “you will be given the knowledge and tools to change your life and circumstances.”

Through personal experiences, Paul relays all true stories of humor and drama, that at times, witnesses stated, bordered on the “miraculous.”

“(The Spirit Within) will awaken or evoke feelings in the reader which will resonate beyond words), he says. “  It is profoundly entertaining, thought provoking and transcends all Faiths, Ethnicities and Cultures. 

About the Author

Paul Pacific grew up in a family of 10 kids in meager circumstances.  His parents had very little formal education but taught that true knowledge, strength and wisdom comes from deep within oneself not outside.  Due to this profound belief his dreams of playing professional hockey then becoming a highly requested inspirational speaker and much more became realities.  He lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts, with his wife, Lisa, their son, Jacob, and their daughter, Julie.