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 Month Ad Appears In: early August 2012

 Geo Index: MA

 RTIR Index: Religion

 WEB Index: Religion; Christian

 INDEX HEADLINE: Inspiring youth to connect to a higher power

 ART INFO 1: Book Cover, THE SPIRIT WITHIN: How We are Connected to “God, Each Other and All-Things, PaulPacific20120606B

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Subhead= Making God Relevant Again

Headline = Inspiring Today’s Youth to Connect to a Higher Power


Studies show that 16 percent of Americans don’t follow a religion and one in four young adults shun all faiths. These numbers are climbing. Is God becoming less relevant in today’s society?


Paul Pacific

doesn’t advocate any particular religion, but has witnessed miracles and knows they are evidence of a higher power all around us and within us.  He knows from experience that when we make a personal connection with God, we’re able to change our lives any way we choose.


Pacific connects with all ages, but with his candor and sometimes irreverent humor, he has a special knack for reaching teens and young adults. He’ll inspire your audience to make that connection with God through touching true stories, including:


* How he came to believe in angels and learned inner wisdom is connected to a higher power.

* How connecting to your spirit within can put you “in the zone” in sports.

* The medically unpredicted disappearance of his dad’s cancer and other miraculous tales.

* What his intentional

out-of-body experience taught him about his spirit within and soul.

* Practical guidelines, developed from his own experiences, for connecting to a higher power.


CREDENTIALS: Paul Pacific went from meager circumstances in a family of 10 to successful careers, including Minor League hockey player and motivational speaker. He has lectured at schools nationwide as a national representative for Students Against Driving Drunk, has worked with the Special Olympics and has national television and radio experience. His book is THE SPIRIT WITHIN: How We are Connected to “God, Each Other and All-Things



AVAILABILITY:  MA, nationwide via arrangement and telephone

CONTACT:  Jaclyn Matthews,