TSW, Excerpts


Part 1-Chapter 3;

“Losing Then Denying The Spirit Within.

For three days straight, I did not leave my dorm room. Friends brought food, but I did not eat much. I didn’t want to speak to anyone or listen to anyone. During that time, I somehow blamed God for what happened to me. I did not just stop talking and praying to God, I stopped believing in God. Over the next three years, I physically and mentally changed somewhat as a person. I put on more than forty pounds, and even worse, I gave up my desire to go within on a frequent basis. I went within in times of extreme trouble only, without the conscious awareness that I was even doing so.


Part 1-Chapter 8;        

Baptism by Holy Fire, Preparation for a Future Inspirational Speaker                          

Angels exist in all colors shapes and sizes. That is unless your belief system is limited to white wings, white halo, and white angels. I had a few close black friends who I would enjoy spending time with. It was a bond of spirit which grew quickly. They taught me to see, through their eyes, the truth of what it was like to grow to grow up different. It was from their honesty and true friendship that I learned what growing up black in a sometimes-white world meant. I had no idea at the time just how important the lessons they imparted to me would be. Later, on occasion, I would use what they taught me to lecture successfully at all-black and ghetto schools around the country as a motivational speaker for Students Against Driving Drunk, a nationally known student organization.


Part 1-Chapter 18;

How to calm a Hostile Environment

The time I unintentionally walked out in the middle of the gym floor in Texas with my fly down in front of three thousand students and faculty brought the house down before I even said anything. What made it worse was that the only place to close the barn door was behind the lone blackboard in the middle of the gymnasium floor. As I proceeded to zip my fly up (which was caught on fabric), the crowd began laughing hysterically. It seems as though my head bobbing up and down and the sound from the microphone, in my hands, made it appear as though I was doing something that could lead me to going blind. (Whenever my dad told me that one, I responded with, “Hey Dad, I’m over here.”)

Part 2-Chapter 2,

Journey to Awakening (Connecting to the Life Force)

It is very important to be mindful or consciously present in the moment. It is here that all your power and control exist. Being present in the here and now is where you are literally connected to the positive energy of GOD/SOURCE.

Your ego likes to keep you in the dark by causing you to worry about the future or live in the regrets of the past. When you become attached to or focused on these thoughts, it is almost impossible for a solution or better-feeling thought to enter. The more you focus on the negative, the more momentum it gains. You need to return to Being in the present moment, where you are always connected Within to Source.

Part 3-Chapter 2,

Scientific Proof and the Existence of God

Unbuckle your mind NOW

Quantum theory, quantum physics, and quantum mechanics in one hundred words or less:

When science breaks down what our bodies and all things are made up of, we eventually get into molecules. Then when we break down molecules, we get smaller particles called atoms. Now, when we break down atoms, we get protons, electrons, and neutrons. When these are broken down, the results are waves. To sum up the results in one simple, scientifically proven statement:

Everyone and everything is made up of energy or vibrations.

This is how we are all connected to each other and All things.

Part 3-Chapter 7,

The Illusion of Body through Experiencing My Own Spirit Within

Without too much explanation, meditation was needed in order to have this experience. I had attempted it only once or twice before, just to familiarize myself. I was home alone and decided I would follow all that I had learned to the end result. I can only tell you that everything happened exactly as it was supposed to. I began to meditate, and I had no awareness of time, due to the focus on the sound of my breathing and intentional slowing of my heart rate. I arrived at the first step of having total mental clarity and awareness without any physical sensation of being connected to my body. As I proceeded, mindfully aware, to have this experience, I became slightly apprehensive yet still determined.                                                                                                                                                                                At the exact moment my spirit was to depart my body, it did.