T.V. Commercials

 P.S.A. Baltimore Md. featuring Paul Pacific and a few familiar faces

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 A quote from "The Spirit Within," chapter 16.

"I did plenty of promotional events for athletes, black tie-affairs where people enjoyed the opportunity of spending time with a professional athlete and having their pictures taken with them; there was absolutely no pressure other than to be friendly.

     I just knew the many personal awards and accolades I received paled in comparison to making a connection with someone less fortunate and helping them change their own life." 


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After the filming of this PSA I received a personal letter from the, Director of Development of the Maryland Special Olympics.  Prior to the filming I was goofing around with John Pfeifer, the special olympian featured in the commercial.  I did not realize that a simple and natural act of friendship and caring affected someone who was watching in a profound positive way.  I have that letter to this day and as listed above and stated in my book TSW, it means more to me than many of the standard awards and accolades I have accumulated over the years.      

"Evening Magazine."

      Soon to be inserted in this slot will be an episode of "Evening Magazine," which was filmed in the late 1970's.  The story is about a young man who defected from Czechoslovakia towards the end of the "cold war." He came to live with my wife Lisa and I through a series of amazing circumstances, which led to the filming of his most incredible journey.  During the filming I had to translate his story, from french to english because he had only a limited command of the english language.  It is somewhat heartwarming and sad at the same time.  Prior to the filming, Peter had asked me not to tell the whole story for fear his family would suffer repurcussions due to his defection.